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Unveiling Indra: India’s Marvel of Solar-Electric Cruise Tourism

In a groundbreaking moment for eco-friendly maritime technology and the burgeoning tourism industry, Navalt has once again left an indelible mark with the unveiling of its latest masterpiece, Indra. This magnificent solar-electric boat, a testament to innovation and sustainability, promises a transformative experience for travellers embarking on Kerala’s waterways. 

A Beacon of Innovation 

Indra stands tall as India’s largest solar-electric boat, a magnificent vessel designed to accommodate up to 100 passengers. Its double-decker structure ingeniously caters to diverse traveller preferences. The top deck, semi-open to the panoramic vistas, invites commuters to relish the surrounding beauty, while the enclosed bottom deck offers plush, cushioned seats for a comfortable voyage. 

An Eco-friendly Engineering Marvel 

The dimensions of this marvel are awe-inspiring—a 26-meter length and 7-meter width housing cutting-edge technology. Powered by two 20 kW motors, Indra gracefully cruises at a top speed of 7 knots. The secret behind its sustained operations lies in the mighty 80 kWh Manta LFP battery pack, enabling an impressive 10-hour continuous journey on a full charge. Indra’s prowess isn’t just in its size; it’s in its eco-conscious design. Adorned with 25 kW solar panels, the boat efficiently harnesses solar energy, not only to power its engines but also to support auxiliary loads, marking a significant leap towards sustainable maritime travel. 

Inaugural Spectacle 

The grandeur of Indra was unveiled by the Honourable Shri. Roshi Augustine, Minister of Irrigation, Kerala, during a momentous ceremony on December 15, 2023. The event, was graced by esteemed personalities like Shri. Anthony Raju, Minister of Transport, Kerala, A M Ariff, Member of Parliament, Alappuzha, and SWTD Director Shri Shaji V Nair, marked a pivotal moment in Kerala’s maritime history. 

Navalt’s Trailblazing Journey 

Navalt’s legacy in shaping cruise tourism has been nothing short of extraordinary. After the iconic Aditya, India’s first solar-electric ferry, the world’s maiden seagoing solar-electric fishing boat, SRAV, and the high-speed Barracuda, Indra represents Navalt’s fourth milestone in revolutionizing maritime travel. 

Environmental Impact and Operational Efficiency 

The introduction of solar-electric boats isn’t just about reducing environmental pollution; it’s a gateway for boat owners and operators to minimize operational expenses, ultimately boosting profits. Indra’s silent, vibration-free, and fuel-odour-free voyage offers unparalleled comfort to passengers, marking a new era in sustainable travel. 

Kerala’s Commitment to Green Tourism 

Indra, owned by the Kerala State Water Transport Department, is a testament to the state’s commitment to sustainable tourism. Following the success of Aditya, this addition to their fleet signals a strategic move towards leveraging solar-electric technology for tourism, with 16 more vessels already in construction, including passenger ferries and solar-electric ROROs. 

Indra’s arrival heralds a new dawn in India’s maritime landscape—a fusion of luxury, sustainability, and innovation. As the curtains rise on its maiden voyage from Marine Drive, Kochi, on December 28, 2023, travellers are poised to embark on a transformative journey, witnessing the harmony of technology and nature, only made possible by the visionaries at Navalt and the forward-thinking authorities in Kerala.