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ADITYA V2 – Refined to Perform

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Navalt, a pioneer in manufacturing solar and electric boats, is gearing up to introduce the newly refined version of “Aditya,” India’s first solar ferry, with its service completing two years and delivering unparallel performance and efficiency. Aditya V2, a new refined “75-seated solar boat,” will be launched in 2019. The excellent craftsmanship and ingenuity of NavAlt take this version’s performance and efficiency to the next level. Powered by cutting-edge synchronous electric motors with gearboxes for maximum efficiency Together two motor delivers 40 kW of power. An upgraded and higher-capacity battery bank is introduced, featuring 60% more capacity than its predecessor.

Aditya V2 will be equipped with highly efficient and lighter solar panels. These highly efficient panels produce up to 36% higher production yield per square foot compared to conventional solar panels. As a result, the sun’s solar energy production increases.

Hydrodynamically, a more optimised design increases performance without compromising the safety and stability of the boat. From the beginning of the development stage, NavAlt engineers were keen to improve the design to be more solar-receptive. The efficient hydrodynamic design will enable the boat to fully rely on the sun while using less energy than other solar-powered boats, thus avoiding a standby diesel engine.

Aditya V2 is befitted with an advanced electric steering system, designed and developed by NavAlt’s R&D department, to deliver comfortable piloting and ease of handling the craft. The introduction of advanced electric steering will ensure zero dependability on conventional hydraulic steering, eliminating oil leaks and frequent maintenance.

The fundamental benefits of an efficiently designed vessel include economical and long-range operations, even in extreme conditions like cloudy days or rain.

The fibreglass superstructure will be more structurally sound than its predecessor. Fibreglass superstructures also allow the vessel to attain a smooth and dynamic style without any sectioning or irregularities. The typical lightweight construction allows for a spacious passenger compartment with low power requirements. Ergonomic interiors and passenger accommodations are well-designed to provide a comfortable and relaxed travel experience for the passengers.