Oceans, Electrified.

At our core, we’re an eco-marine tech company with a bold vision: to decarbonize the entire shipping industry. We’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of sustainable boating, pioneering innovations that redefine what’s possible. With each breakthrough, we’re not only revolutionizing the industry but also safeguarding our planet’s vital waters for generations to come.

Our Vessels


India’s Largest Solar Electric Boat

Introducing Indra, your gateway to sustainable luxury at sea. With its panoramic views and whisper-quiet electric propulsion, Indra sets a new standard in serene, eco-cruising. Immerse yourself in the future of maritime travel, where comfort and sustainability coexist in perfect harmony.


Leisure is a ride away

Meet our 25-passenger solar-electric marvel, perfect for immersive cruise tourism. Crafted with cutting-edge electric propulsion, it provides unobstructed panoramic views, guaranteeing an unforgettable journey. Embrace a seamless blend of sustainable technology and breathtaking vistas, making every moment on board truly exceptional.


Cruise in the ultimate luxury

Experience Avalon, a revolutionary 15-passenger solar-electric semi-luxury cruise boat that redefines boating. Glide silently on emission-free solar power, relishing the perfect blend of sustainability and comfort. Step aboard Avalon for an unparalleled journey, where luxury meets responsible cruising, setting a new standard in boating excellence. Discover Avalon today.


India’s Fastest Solar-electric Boat 

Introducing the Barracuda: an environmentally responsible high-speed defense vessel. With its state-of-the-art solar-electric propulsion system, it significantly reduces emissions, boasting twin 50 kW motors and an 88-kWh battery bank for power and energy efficiency. The Barracuda reaches speeds up to 12.5 knots with a range of 50 km, setting new standards for speed and sustainability in maritime transportation. It represents a conscious shift towards eco-friendly practices, making it a pioneer in modern naval and passenger transport.

Electric Propulsion System


MANTA is the powerhouse of the system. The battery is a safe, powerful and flexible power bank for all your devices. The battery pack architecture has an adaptable design. They are rechargeable, portable energy boxes that aid in improving the efficiency of your boat.


MAKO is a revolutionary outboard motor that makes your boat electrified! It is the complete electrification solution for existing and new boats, including those powered by diesel and petrol fuels. Mako features a simple motor structure which reduces maintenance substantially. A silent ride experience will make the voyage memorable. With Mako’s astonishing performance a noise-free experience is inevitable.


ORCA offers instant responsiveness for boats due to its cutting-edge technology. It eliminates latency, thus enabling a smooth and deeply engaging experience. This system helps in minimising the complexity of control to increase overall performance and comfort. Orca is designed to be extremely flexible and can easily be added to inboard or outboard engines. A soothing steering experience is now possible with Orca.

Our Products

Navalt leads the way in solar-electric and hybrid boat manufacturing, offering a comprehensive range of eco-marine solutions with passenger capacities ranging from 6 to 150 individuals. Our mission is to revolutionize maritime transportation by reducing emissions and embracing cleaner technology. Explore our diverse lineup and connect with us to discuss tailoring our solutions to your specific needs. Join us in shaping a cleaner, more sustainable future for marine travel. Book a meeting today and embark on this exciting journey with Navalt.

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