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Punjab goes green with solar boat

With the addition of a new 20-passenger solar boat constructed by Navalt Solar & Electric Boats, Bathinda Lake Views Park in Punjab is going green. The SunCRZ30 Solar Boat aims to provide park visitors with an exciting eco-friendly experience. Mr. Pawan Garg, who owns a fleet of cruise boats operating in Bathinda Lake, got inspired and wanted to introduce solar boats in Punjab.

The 9-metre-long and 3-meter-wide catamaran, with a capacity of 20 passengers, would now be the largest solar-powered boat operating in India. As the vessel is propelled by solar power, it does not cause atmospheric or sound pollution. It has good deck space and is suitable for shallow waters.

The SunCRZ30 is equipped with two independent motors and a battery bank. The independent propulsion systems provide better safety and redundancy. In an emergency situation where one of the motors stops, we can use the alternate propulsion system, which has an independent battery bank and solar modules.

“This independent propulsion system also allows the operator to control the voyage completely on throttles without using the steering,” said Mr. Prajod, a Design Engineer at Navalt who is also the project manager of the SunCRZ30.

“This boat will give an unlimited cruising range in the sun and can operate for up to 3 hours completely on battery power,” he added.

Solar boats have zero operating costs and low maintenance, in addition to being environmentally friendly. The electric drive contains little or no wear parts and requires no lubrication. Most of the items used in solar boats have a guaranteed life of many years.

Navalt wants to demonstrate innovative ways of using renewable sources of energy to the general public in the country. We believe it’s our responsibility to conserve the earth’s resources.