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Solar on a boat is not a Solar Boat 

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If you’re looking for a blog about why a solar boat is a solar boat or want to listen to us brag about how much of an efficient battery we use, here’s the truth – you should probably skip reading this one. We’re going to talk to you about the harsh reality of fossil fuels, the smouldering dirty side of it and we definitely don’t want to convince you to buy a solar boat, but in fact here’s why you should consider making that decision.  

The major drawback of every diesel engine that moves through a water body is definitely the diesel itself. Too much noise, no high flashy performance, and the exhausting Odor while the fuel is burning. To make everything a tad bit clearer, the price of diesel is rising exponentially – which means, even more, higher prices in the coming years, and the most contradicting fact is that something that costs this much doesn’t live up to its price. 

Here’s us predicting the future. Boat operators and owners are going to suffer extensively in the future because of fossil fuels, the owners are likely to be burdened with the high federal excise tax which they will have to keep paying.  

On the other hand, imagine steering through the water silently, and being able to hear the lapping of waves against the hull of your boat. What if we told you that this isn’t something happening in the multiverse but exactly what a ride in a solar boat feels like?   

The global solar market is expected to grow from USD 5.26 billion in 2022 to USD 11.35 billion by 2028 (we’re supposed to back up all this bragging about a beautiful dream with the truth) and unlike the overpriced fossil fuels this is not a contradictory reality but definitely something that we at Navalt have already achieved while the world stood witness.   

Solar boats are boats which have solar panels on them that provide energy for electric propulsion and in a world turning smoggy with the constant emissions of fuels, these are environment friendly, cost friendly and commercially beneficial. Equipped with a state-of-the-art technology these are far more economical, easy to maintain and a pleasure to use. A prime example of this is the World’s first Solar Electric Ferry – Aditya by Navalt launched in the year 2017. The Aditya series of solar electric ferries are environmentally friendly ferries that provide excellent performance while using no fossil fuels.  

Mr. Sandith Thandasherry, Founder and CEO of Navalt, in his book Solar Electric Boat quotes “In 2021 ADITYA solar ferry won the Gustave Trouve Award for the world’s best electric ferry. It was chosen as a great demonstration for a renewable energy project that is also economically viable. The success of the boat and the impact it has created has generated a lot of interest in rest of India and other countries with abundant sunlight”.  Sandith could’ve been done and proud with this lifetime of an achievement but he never stopped innovating. Today Navalt has consistently evolved and pushed out of its boundaries.  

Even if the world forgets to turn the boating industry green, we at Navalt are going to keep electrifying!