Introducing the Marsel: where luxury meets environmental consciousness, revolutionising the landscape of leisure tourism With a spacious layout designed to accommodate up to 30 passengers, the Marsel sets a new benchmark for sophistication in solar-electric boating.

At its core, the Marsel delivers outstanding performance thanks to a meticulously engineered 25-kWh battery pack seamlessly integrated with a cutting-edge 8-kW electric motor. This seamless combination empowers the Marsel to gracefully cruise at an impressive top speed of 6 knots, showcasing its unwavering commitment to both speed and efficiency.

But that’s not the full story; the Marsel also embodies efficiency, affordability, broader adaptability, and economic sustainability. It represents a straightforward yet innovative solution for upscale travel experiences that prioritise both luxury and environmental responsibility.


Optional plug & charge
30 passengers
25 kWh
10 m long x 3.5 m wide
Max speed of 7 knots
Range 45 km
3 kWp
2 x 6kW

Battery Choices

Power your boat experience with your choice of battery: the DNV certified Manta, build for professional operations, or the Ray, designed for carefree leisure operations.


Manta LFP batteries packs are DNV approved, meeting stringent quality quality and safety standards. It is rated upto IP 67 standards.​


Ray is a safer LFP marine grade battery pack designed and built for leisure grade operations

Knock-down Kit

We are thrilled to introduce the Marsel Knock-Down Kit, a groundbreaking solution that not only enhances our solar-electric boating experience but also tackles logistical challenges on a global scale. 

The advantage of this model is that it makes transportation to farther countries cost-efficient and faster. The kit can be arranged in multiple containers with all prefabricated parts and can be easily assembled in any warehouses or shipyards at your location with minimum time and efforts.


Cost-Saving: The streamlined assembly and transportation process of the Marsel Knock-Down Kit result in significant cost savings. 

Easy Assembly: This kit contains meticulously prefabricated parts that can be effortlessly assembled in warehouses or shipyards at your preferred location, saving both time and effort. 

Easy to Transport: The Marsel Knock-Down Kit is designed for easy transport, further enhancing its convenience and practicality.

Experience the future of sustainable travel with the Marsel Knock-Down Kit and explore the world of possibilities it offers today!

    Discover our fleet!

    Marsel 1

    The first vessel in the Marsel series was launched in 2023 at Akalappuzha, Kozhikode. Owned by Marina Solar Cruise, this groundbreaking boat marks a significant advancement in eco-friendly maritime transportation.

    Marsel 2

    The second vessel in the Marsel series was launched at the end of 2023 at Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh. Operated by Navya Luxury Cruise, this model is longer and more luxurious than its predecessor, featuring 25 premium passenger seats and opulent interiors.