Destiny, a new edition to our Sun Cruize series of solar-electric boats, is here to create a new chapter in sustainable tourism. Destiny is powered by a 12 kW electric OBM and a 20 kWh MANTA – LFP battery pack. It features a wide passenger capacity of 30 seats and an unobstructed field of vision for commuters to enjoy the magnificent scenery. The boat can move at a top speed of 7 knots while producing no noise or vibration. The efficient catamaran hull shape and the ORCA electric steering technology allow for smooth steering performance. As a result, commuters will have a memorable travelling experience.


Optional plug & charge
50 passengers
20 kWh
9 m long x 3.25 m wide
Max speed of 7 knots
Range 45 km
3 kWp
2 x 6kW