Introducing INDRA, India’s largest solar-electric boat that blends comfort, efficiency, and affordability for your journey. Step aboard and experience a cruise like never before. With an 80-kWh battery pack propelling two 25-kW electric motors, INDRA effortlessly glides through waters at a brisk 7 knots. But it’s not just about speed; it’s about comfort. Inside, you’ll find an air-conditioned haven for 100 passengers, ensuring a pleasant ride for all passengers. The voyage is exceptionally quiet, adding to the tranquillity of your trip.
INDRA boasts an efficient catamaran hull design, ensuring stability and comfort. Combined with the ORCA electric steering system, it delivers instant steering response, promising the ultimate voyage experience. It’s not just about the journey; it’s about efficiency and economy too. INDRA is an affordable choice that adapts well to various needs and offers an eco-friendly way to travel. So, whether it’s a scenic cruise or a daily commute, INDRA is your ideal companion on the water.


Optional plug & charge
100 passengers
80 kWh
26 m long x 7 m wide
Max speed of 7 knots
Range 100 km
25 kWp
2 x 25 kW