Navalt shortlisted for the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2023

solar electric yacht

  Navalt has been shortlisted for The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2023. The award, now in its 13th year of successful running is one of the most prestigious and most significant achievements in the yacht and aviation industry. Hosted by the interior design magazine Design et al and the leading yacht and aviation magazine […]

Having blue in your veins

Ocean – this five-lettered word is the lifeblood of Earth. Some of the most frequently asked questions about the Earth are known to surround the Ocean and its mysteries. It spans seventy percent of the Earth’s surface, mothering the most fascinating and undiscovered species of all time. It is said that we know more about […]

Solar – Sustaining the Earth’s Ecosystem

“The poetry of Earth is never dead”    but it seems like the Shipping Industry has begun to shred and stringently scarce the Earth off of its poetry. Every time our aware eyes skim through a research paper or an article that points to the  Shipping Industry emitting more than 300 million tonnes of fossil fuel […]

A future powered by the Sun

The most abundant source of energy in the solar system is a star gravitating on its own in the middle of the Solar System. Made up of a phenomenal core that fuses almost 600 million tonnes of hydrogen into helium, converting 4 million tonnes of matter into energy, the Sun has a huge influence on our […]

Case Study – Avalon

“There must be a better way to make the things we want, a way that doesn’t spoil the sky, or the rain, or the land.” This change doesn’t require grand, heroic actions. Little stones thrown into the pot can make a big difference, and this is exactly what implementing eco-tourism means – to realize the […]

Case Study – Aditya

The Story  Every story of brevity starts with a frivolous dream and the story of Aditya began in a city far into the urban localities of India, inside God’s Own Country, when Sandith Thandasherry decided to build a replacement for the fossil fuel-powered boats which he realized would pose a great risk for the maritime […]

Solar on a boat is not a Solar Boat 

If you’re looking for a blog about why a solar boat is a solar boat or want to listen to us brag about how much of an efficient battery we use, here’s the truth – you should probably skip reading this one. We’re going to talk to you about the harsh reality of fossil fuels, […]

Gustave Trouvé Awards for Electric Boats 2022

Navalt has bagged it’s second Gustave Trouve Award! From the iconic Aditya to the indomitable SRAV, we are proud to be recognized by yet another Gussie. The SRAV, which means Shark in Malayalam, has been awarded as the world’s best electric work boat. This is the second one for Navalt, back from its victory in […]

International Samudra Manthan Awards 2022

Navalt was awarded the year’s best technology provider with the prestigious Samudra Manthan award The Samudra Manthan Awards honour the best in the Indian Maritime Fraternity through a meticulous selection process conducted by an eminent jury. Since 2009, Bhandarkar Publications Group has been awarding champions in 14 different categories of shipping. This year Navalt won […]

Entrepreneur of the year 2017

Sandith, CEO NavAlt selected as the best startup entrepreneur of 2017 Sandith Thandasherry chief executive officer of NavAlt Solar & Electric Boats, Kochi, was selected as the best Start-up entrepreneur of the year 2017 for his contributions towards innovation in transforming water transportation. TiE Kerala Awards is instituted to recognize and encourage outstanding Kerala based […]