Navalt was awarded the World’s Best Startup under the Mobility and Transportation category at the Berlin Startup Energy Transition Awards 2023.  

The Startup Energy Transition Awards is an international competition for entrepreneurs with great ideas who want to make a difference in the world’s energy and climate change sector. It is regarded as one of the most valuable events in the sustainable energy industry and is supported by the Global Energy Council and the German Energy Ministry. The event, which took place from March 27 to 29, provided multiple opportunities for enterprises interested in the sustainable energy sector, providing them with opportunities to gain the necessary exposure. It also featured different levels of pitching. For the past seven years, almost 3000 applications from 100 countries have been submitted; this year, more than 150 countries have done so. The categories for the Berlin Climate Initiative include Clean Energy and Storage, Mobility and Transportation, Industry, Buildings and Construction, Quality Energy Access, and SDG7 Price. 

“We are thrilled to be recognized for our efforts towards creating a sustainable future for the maritime sector,” said Sandith Thandasherry, CEO of Navalt. “This award is a testament to the hard work of our team and our dedication to innovation in the sustainable energy sector. We aim to continue to make significant contributions towards a cleaner and quieter ocean.” 

To reduce the carbon footprint of maritime transportation, Navalt Solar & Electric Boats has been without a doubt producing solar-powered electric boats. The industry has come a long way in developing low-cost alternatives to traditional boats that run on fossil fuel while simultaneously providing ecologically friendly mobility solutions. Their ground-breaking vessel analytics platform and production of solar-powered ships together represent an important step towards the maritime industry’s decarbonization. The use of Navalt’s technology might dramatically lower carbon emissions in the shipping sector and increase shipping sustainability. Their outstanding work towards the goal of decarbonizing the maritime industry has earned them numerous important prizes, including two Gustave Trouve Awards. 

The World’s Best Startup Award is a significant achievement for Navalt and highlights its commitment to creating a sustainable future for the maritime industry. Navalt’s continued efforts toward innovation and sustainability will undoubtedly make a positive impact on the sector and contribute to a cleaner, greener, and quieter ocean. The SET Award puts Navalt head and shoulders above the rest and highlights the company’s commitment to sustainable mobility. It is a testament to the company’s dedication to driving innovation and creating a better future for all. Navalt Solar & Electric Boats is poised to continue leading the charge in sustainable mobility and developing innovative solutions that make a positive impact on the environment.  

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