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Gustave Trouvé Awards for Electric Boats 2022

Navalt has bagged it’s second Gustave Trouve Award!

From the iconic Aditya to the indomitable SRAV, we are proud to be recognized by yet another Gussie. The SRAV, which means Shark in Malayalam, has been awarded as the world’s best electric work boat.

This is the second one for Navalt, back from its victory in 2020. SRAV has followed in the footsteps of Aditya to win the Gussie this year. The category was dominated by nominations from some of the largest boat builders from across 30 nations. Today SRAV owns the waters by being the ‘Best Electric Work Boat” in the world. Navalt will be deploying many SRAVs across the west coast of India enabling the fishing community to greatly benefit from the “cut down” in operational expenses. SRAV is pegged to be the iconic sea-going vessel series from Navalt which will encompass all types of small and large fishing vessels, all powered by the Sun.