Navalt takes home the Berlin SET Award!

  Navalt was awarded the World’s Best Startup under the Mobility and Transportation category at the Berlin Startup Energy Transition Awards 2023.   The Startup Energy Transition Awards is an international competition for entrepreneurs with great ideas who want to make a difference in the world’s energy and climate change sector. It is regarded as […]

Formation of NavAlt – Story Behind India’s First Solar Ferry

India’s Fastest Solar boat created by Navgathi In November 2011, Navgathi had just successfully manufactured and launched the fastest solar boat in the country. This was then officiated by the Limca Book of Records, India’s answer to the Guinness Book of Records, giving Navgathi an award. Our accomplishment received extensive media coverage. But for us […]

Punjab goes green with solar boat

With the addition of a new 20-passenger solar boat constructed by Navalt Solar & Electric Boats, Bathinda Lake Views Park in Punjab is going green. The SunCRZ30 Solar Boat aims to provide park visitors with an exciting eco-friendly experience. Mr. Pawan Garg, who owns a fleet of cruise boats operating in Bathinda Lake, got inspired […]

Solar Ferry Vs Diesel Ferry

Unlike conventional ferries, which use diesel engines and occasionally petrol Out Boat Motors (OBM), a solar ferry uses electrical propulsion powered by energy from the sun (most of the time) and stored energy from the grid (backup in cloudy and rainy conditions). Apart from using clean energy, solar boats are significantly better than their conventional […]