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International Samudra Manthan Awards 2022

Navalt was awarded the year’s best technology provider with the prestigious Samudra Manthan award

The Samudra Manthan Awards honour the best in the Indian Maritime Fraternity through a meticulous selection process conducted by an eminent jury. Since 2009, Bhandarkar Publications Group has been awarding champions in 14 different categories of shipping.

This year Navalt won the Technology Provider of the Year Award. Navalt isn’t just the nation’s most iconic boat builder, it’s a marine tech company enabling solar electric boat development leveraging the most advanced maritime data science solutions ever built!
50 plus green energy boats are being built this year alone. Unleashing more than 10 different types of unique eco vessels, this company is set to solidify itself as the pioneer in solar electric vessel manufacturing. With over 25 years of eco-vessel experience, Navalt is venturing into International waters with promising strides towards Africa, Europe and the US market as well. From building state-of-the-art marine grade batteries, to releasing the world’s first solar electric fishing boat, all the way to providing vessel performance solutions to the largest shipping companies in the world – Navalt is set to put a dent in the maritime world.