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Cruising Silence: Chandigarh Unveils Destiny 30 – Its First Solar-Electric Cruise Boat

In a groundbreaking moment for Chandigarh, the serene waters of Sukhna Lake are now graced by the silent glide of the Destiny 30 Pax Solar-Electric Boat. This marks a historic occasion as Chandigarh welcomes its first solar-electric cruise boat, designed for the ultimate cruise tourism experience. Operated by Destiny Allied Services, this eco-friendly vessel promises an unforgettable journey with its unique features and sustainable technology.

This remarkable boat is a testament to the fusion of innovation and environmental consciousness. With a capacity to accommodate 30 passengers, the vessel offers a panoramic viewing experience, allowing commuters to immerse themselves in the picturesque surroundings of Sukhna Lake. What sets it apart is the tranquil, silent ride experience, providing a connection with nature that conventional boats fail to deliver.

The Destiny 30 is equipped with two 6 kW electric motors, propelling the boat forward with efficiency and minimal environmental impact. This electric propulsion system ensures a silent and smooth sailing experience, reducing noise pollution and preserving the tranquility of Sukhna Lake. Powering the electric motors are two 10 kWh Manta LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery packs. These advanced batteries not only provide ample energy for extended cruises but also contribute to the boat’s eco-friendly profile by eliminating emissions and dependence on traditional fuel sources. Embracing solar energy, the Destiny 30 features 3 kW solar panels strategically placed on the boat. This solar array supports the charging of the onboard batteries, enhancing the boat’s range and reducing its carbon footprint. The integration of solar technology showcases a commitment to sustainable practices in the realm of water transport. The Destiny 30 can gracefully cruise for 5 hours at a maximum speed of 6 knots. This impressive capability allows passengers to enjoy a leisurely exploration of Sukhna Lake, making it an ideal choice for both locals and tourists seeking a unique and eco-conscious cruising experience.

The launch of the Destiny 30 Pax Solar-Electric Boat at Sukhna Lake marks a significant step towards sustainable tourism and environmental conservation in Chandigarh. With its cutting-edge technology, silent ride experience, and commitment to clean energy, this solar-electric cruise boat is poised to redefine the way people enjoy the natural beauty of Sukhna Lake.