Meet the Zayle, an ultra-luxurious Gargantuan cruise that redefines the world of semi-luxury solar-electric boats, tailor-made for the tourism industry. With a capacity for 100 passengers, it’s a voyage like no other. Powered by a robust 160-kWh battery and twin 80-kW electric motors, the Zayle gracefully cruises through the water at a maximum speed of 10 knots. But it’s more than just a boat ride; it’s like entering a new world. The sleek hull design and contemporary style create unforgettable memories for travellers. Inside, it’s all about passenger comfort. The Zayle is fully air-conditioned, ensuring everyone enjoys a relaxed and pleasant journey. Plus, there’s a dedicated party area where passengers can unwind and create cherished moments.


Optional plug & charge
100 passengers
160 kWh
27 m long x 8.3 m wide
Max speed of 10 knots
Range 130 km
25 kWp
2 x 80 kW