Vanora is an extraordinary fusion of luxury, elegance, and sustainability, epitomising our unwavering commitment to crafting yachts that set new benchmarks in opulence. This solar-electric catamaran, despite its compact size, offers an unparalleled experience on the open seas, effortlessly marrying comfort with efficiency.

Step aboard and immerse yourself in the meticulously curated, serene, and spacious cabin. Here, you’ll find a luxurious bedroom and en-suite toilet, ensuring your utmost comfort throughout your journey. The expansive glass-covered viewing area beckons you to embrace breathtaking panoramas, inviting you to revel in the natural beauty of the surroundings. On the rear deck, a thoughtfully placed couch invites you to fully engage with the unmatched open ocean experience.

Vanora’s ingenuity shines with its retractable glass roof above the bedroom, allowing for an intimate connection with nature. Whether you desire to witness starlit nights or bask in the gentle rays of the sun, Vanora accommodates your every wish. As staunch advocates for sustainability, we take pride in Vanora’s solar-electric power system, which ensures a voyage that is both whisper-quiet and environmentally conscious.

Measuring 14.5 metres in length and 4.5 metres in width, Vanora exemplifies the perfect equilibrium between sophistication and functionality. It’s a vessel designed for transformative journeys where luxury seamlessly intertwines with tranquility. Amidst the vast expanse of the open seas, Vanora delivers lasting memories, all while being efficient, economical, and adaptable to various settings.


Optional plug & charge
6 passengers
200 kWh
14.5 m long x 4.5 m wide
Max speed of 15 knots
Range 75 km
4 kWp
2 x 100 kW