Third Eye

The “Third Eye” stands as the ultimate floating resort, a remarkable hybrid vessel crafted to provide passengers with an unparalleled journey through serene waterways. Comprising three expansive decks, this floating haven boasts a total of 20 exquisitely appointed rooms, guaranteeing opulent comfort and luxury for each traveler on board. What sets it apart is its exceptional capacity for extended voyages, spanning an indulgent 2-3 weeks, allowing guests to immerse themselves fully in the splendor of the surrounding landscapes.

At the apex of the ship, passengers revel in the best of both worlds within a semi-open area that seamlessly merges the delights of outdoor living with the comforts of indoor seating. This top deck also hosts a chic lounge area and an observatory, offering an ideal vantage point for stargazing or simply savoring the awe-inspiring vistas as the cruise gracefully meanders along the river.

For those with a penchant for staying active while luxuriating in the cruising experience, the Third Eye spoils its guests with a fully equipped gym, ensuring they can maintain their fitness routine amidst the tranquil waters. A sumptuous library and spa beckon those seeking ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. The attentive and skilled crew ensures that every aspect of the journey runs seamlessly, tending to the needs and desires of both passengers and crew members alike.

From thoughtfully designed accommodations to an array of amenities, the Third Eye promises an unrivaled and holistic floating resort experience that etches an indelible impression on all who embark on its voyage.


Optional plug & charge
40 passengers
80 kWh
70 m long x 15 m wide
Max speed of 10 knots
2 x 20 kW
90 kWp
2 x 250 hp

Battery Choices

Power your boat experience with your choice of battery: the DNV certified Manta, build for professional operations, or the Ray, designed for carefree leisure operations.


Manta LFP batteries packs are DNV approved, meeting stringent quality quality and safety standards. It is rated upto IP 67 standards.​


Ray is a safer LFP marine grade battery pack designed and built for leisure grade operations