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Solarius makes a splash in Peruvannamuzhi

Green Hoidays, a venture by Chakkittappara Cooperative Bank, proudly launches Solarius solar boats at Peruvannamuzhi Dam. In a dazzling inaugural event attended by dignitaries including Irrigation Minister Shri. Roshi Augustine and MLA Shri. TP Ramakrishnan, Navalt marks another milestone in sustainable tourism. With two variants – a 10-passenger and a 20-passenger boat – Solarius boats boast solar panels and the innovative MANTA LFP battery box, developed by Navalt’s R&D team.

These eco-friendly boats, featuring 6-kW electric motors and the ORCA electric steering unit, promise noise-free and vibration-free rides, preserving the tranquility of nature. Their catamaran hull design optimizes power management, ensuring efficient performance. Solarius boats are ideal for eco-sensitive areas, emitting zero harmful effluents and reducing operational costs to a negligible amount, thanks to their solar-powered operation.

Initiating sustainable tourism at Peruvannamuzhi Dam, Green Holidays sets a new standard with Solarius boats. The inauguration witnessed accolades from the Irrigation Minister, who presented Navalt with a memento for their innovative contribution. CEO and Founder, Shri Sandith Thandasherry, received the honor.

After the ceremony, dignitaries and enthusiasts experienced the comfort and eco-conscious journey aboard Solarius. Boasting a noise- and vibration-free ride, Solarius offers an unparalleled experience compared to traditional diesel boats. With services covering approximately 13 km in the reservoir area, Green Holidays aims to redefine boating experiences in a sustainable and responsible manner.

As Navalt envisions a sustainable future, Solarius stands as a testament to their commitment. With numerous solar-electric boats already successful in various parts of India, Navalt looks forward to introducing Solarius vessels across the country, contributing to a cleaner and greener future