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Sun Cruize makes a splash in Peruvannamuzhi

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Green Holidays has launched Sun Cruize solar boats at Peruvannamuzhi Dam, Chakkitapara. The inaugural function was held on Sunday, February 27th, at 10 a.m. Attendees of the function were irrigation minister Shri. Roshi Augustine as the chief guest, and many prominent leaders, including MLA Shri. TP Ramakrishnan, as well as many notable people and residents of Chakkittappara. It was a spectacular event that represents yet another milestone completed by Navalt as we strive towards many innovative products.

Two of our Sun Cruize boats, a 10- and a 20-passenger boat, started operations on this day. The boats of the Sun Cruize series have two energy sources: solar, using panels, and an LFP battery box, MANTA. Our R&D team here at Navalt developed MANTA, the battery box, which is safe, durable, efficient, and also meets international standards. The width of the boat is 3.2 metres to enable ease of road transportation, and the lengths are 7 metres and 9 metres, respectively, for 10 and 20-passenger boats. They are outfitted with 6-kW rugged and marine electric motors that deliver outstanding performance. The catamaran hull reduces drag in the water, optimising power management and ensuring efficient performance. Electric propulsion, coupled with the electric steering unit ORCA, also developed by us at Navalt, ensures high manoeuvrability and control.

For eco-sensitive areas, Sun Cruize solar boats would be the best option. They are 100% eco-friendly, as they don’t produce any harmful effluents. Our solar boats don’t make any noise or vibration that disturbs the tranquilly of nature. The fact that our Sun Cruize solar boats operate on solar power and don’t require any fuel to operate can benefit boat owners by reducing their OPEX to a negligible amount. Sun Cruise offers the utmost safety and superior safety for the passengers.

Green Holidays, a tourism venture of the Chakkittappara Cooperative Bank, initiated sustainable tourism at Peruvannamuzhi Dam, thereby introducing the Sun Cruize solar boats to the reservoir. A memento from the irrigation minister was presented to Navalt for developing and supplying these innovative boats, which was received by our CEO and founder, Shri Sandith Thandasherry. After the inaugural function, the irrigation minister and other dignitaries took a ride in the Sun Cruize and were overwhelmed by the comfort of the ride. The vibration- and noise-free ride experience is another thing that a diesel boat can’t offer. People from nearby areas, media representatives, and video bloggers also enjoyed the service provided by our boats.

The boating services started after the training sessions for the staff were completed. The pleasure trips cover nearly 13 km in the reservoir area.

We at Navalt have a vision for a sustainable future; all the boats built and those being built in the future will be completely eco-friendly. Many of our solar-electric boats have already been launched and are running successfully in certain parts of India, and we are looking forward to launching more of their vessels across the entire country.