Our next-generation commercial passenger ferry, the Riveiere, is designed to make your commute as comfortable and relaxing as possible. With its elegant 75-seat cabin, it’s the most fuel-efficient watercraft on Kerala’s waterways—and with its cutting-edge vessel design and a Navalt-designed efficient catamaran hull, you can imagine how much money you’ll save in operating costs!
For auxiliary electrical load support and advanced marine electric steering (ORCA), the vessel is outfitted with solar panels and Manta Lithium-ion energy storage which helps in reducing fuel consumption. Riveiere is built to meet the IR class’s safety standards. Lightweight composites are used to make the hull and superstructure. Riveiere is powered by a high-performance 120-hp engine, which helps to cruise the water seamlessly. Its lightweight composites make it an incredibly efficient boat overall—no wonder it cruises at 8 knots with high stability!


75 passengers
Range 150 km
19 m long x 6.5 m wide
Max speed of 8 knots
2 x 34 kW