Introducing Manta: Revolutionizing Energy Storage

Welcome to the future of energy storage – Manta, the pinnacle of lithium battery-based technology. Designed to redefine efficiency and reliability, Manta offers cutting-edge features tailored to meet diverse project requirements, whether on land or at sea.

Modular Design and High Scalability

Manta's modular framework ensures exceptional scalability, catering to a wide range of project requirements in both land-based and marine applications.

Long Life Span

Engineered for sustainability, Manta boasts an impressive 3000 life cycles, providing a safer alternative to fossil fuels while powering heavy electric loads and propulsion systems with unparalleled reliability.

Tailored Load Adaptability

Customized to meet diverse load requirements, Manta guarantees optimal performance while prioritizing reliability and safety.

Compatibility with Solar and Grid Charging

Manta seamlessly integrates with both solar and grid charging, offering versatile charging options to suit various energy sources.

Customizable Capacity

With capacity ranging from 11kWh to an impressive 376kWh, Manta addresses the unique needs of our customers, providing flexibility for various project demands.

Dual Graded Brilliance

Choose your path with leisure and performance grades, each crafted to perfection. The leisure grade, in 48 and 96v configurations, meets your recreational needs, while the professional grade, developed in collaboration with SuperB batteries, offers unparalleled excellence in both low and high voltage configurations.

Compact, Maintenance-Free Design

The Manta LFP battery pack features a compact, maintenance-free configuration, offering real-time energy data, insights into battery health, and advanced safety features.

Remote Mastery

Command the stage with Manta's remote monitoring capabilities, providing real-time insights into your energy storage system's performance from anywhere in the world.

Experience the Future with Manta

With its innovation, safety features, and adaptability, Manta sets a new standard in lithium battery technology. Explore the possibilities and embrace the future of energy storage with Manta, where efficiency meets reliability.