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Navalt shortlisted for the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2023

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Navalt has been shortlisted for The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2023. The award, now in its 13th year of successful running is one of the most prestigious and most significant achievements in the yacht and aviation industry. Hosted by the interior design magazine Design et al and the leading yacht and aviation magazine Luxe et al, the award aims to recognize the true creativity behind distinctive and aesthetic designs that stand out in the yacht and aviation industries.

Navalt’s Viridian is a 120-meter all-electric luxury catamaran superyacht and our first entry into the International Yacht and Aviation Awards. An enchanting nod to nature’s unparallel beauty, the Yacht’s design is inspired by the shape of a peacock feather taking its root from India’s national bird. The Viridian superyacht proudly heralds a flawless fusion of elegance, luxury, and style. Still, it is definite to marvel as it originates from the cultural and traditional roots of India as a nation.

The name Viridian means bluish-green and evokes the color of the peacock feather, doing justice to the design inspiration. From the first step on board, the attention to detail is palpable. The luxurious interiors and modern amenities are carefully designed to cater to discerning guests. The yacht is a perfect fusion of different colors, traditions, and cultures, binding them together in an elegant and harmonious manner. From the front view, Viridian is the quintessential superyacht, with its majestic size and grandeur. However, its eco-friendly technology and peacock feather design sets it apart from any other luxury yacht in the world. It is truly the ultimate example of luxury, innovation, and sustainability. One can experience the thrill of cruising through the water silently, with only the sounds of the waves and the gentle breeze to accompany you. The design integrates into the wider environment as the Viridian lets you relax on the luxurious deck and take in the breathtaking views around you.

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