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In the face of a climate crisis – Being clean tech


Redefining our planet  

In a world where everything is run by money, the art of sustainability is something that can only be achieved by sustainable beings. And for that, one must study the Earth and willingly choose to dive deeper into what history has to say and start from there.  

The earth in all its cosmic grandiosity and power is more than just an abode for us humans. This planet has experienced five mass extinctions in a time span of billions of years, and the last one witnessed the extinction of dinosaurs. The Earth, from the eyes of a man, has seen and experienced some of the most beautiful phenomena – Volcanic lightning, Water sprouts, giant permafrost explosions, Desert roses, blood falls, penitentes…the list is never-ending. We tend to turn a blind eye to all these often tuning down the purpose of our planet to nothing but a place to live in.  

What is the sixth mass extinction? 

Scientists claim that we are currently amidst something termed the sixth mass extinction and unlike all the previous extinctions, the sixth extinction is driven completely by the aftereffects of human activity. Based on the annual report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) the global average atmospheric carbon dioxide was 417.06 parts per million in 2022, and the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide is only predicted to keep rising in the coming years. “The annual rate of increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide over the past 60 years is about 100 times faster than previous natural increases, such as those that occurred at the end of the last ice age 11,000-17,000 years ago” quotes a research article published by NOAA. The climate crisis that we are currently facing, droughts, global warming, depletion and extinction of wildlife species etc are all indicators to a massive red light: signalling yet another decent to a mass extinction, and it is high time we take some action.  

Lookout for these climate-friendlyterms 

Since the science behind climate crisis is well established and understood, here are a few terms you might have heard but not yet completely familiar with: climate tech, green tech, clean tech, dark green etc. These are all variations of the same idea: to define a company/product or service which considers the earth as not something to just use and throw. But as a living sprouting planet, which needs people and products with mindsets that are ecofriendly and sustainable.   

Climate tech refers to technology that is aimed at mitigating or adapting to the impacts of climate change which majorly includes reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping business prepare for the impact caused due to climate change.  

Cleantech is the broadest of these terms as it encompasses any technology that aims to improve environmental performance. These areas include renewable energy, energy efficiency, water conservation etc. 

And green tech is any technology that is environmentally friendly or sustainable. But unfortunately, the term green tech / green washing has been heavily used as a catch term to describe a company or service which claims about a product or service’s environmental benefits to appeal to the public or consumer opinion.  

For the planet, who are we?  

We at Navalt, are a cleantech company that continues to channel our efforts toward the enhancement of environmental sustainability. Our goals and ambitions as a company that builds solar electric vessels and decarbonization solutions are focused entirely on reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere and on complete electrification of the waters. Our mission on Earth, extends beyond profit making, as we are one of the finest solar electric boat makers in the world who have recognized the urgent need to protect planet Earth and combat climate change. One by one, we aim to reverse and dulled the effect every time we as humans chose to put ourselves above the earth, moving towards “Cleaner and Quieter Oceans”.