Introducing the Dialga, an epitome of luxury and power on the water!

The Dialga comes with three distinct variants, each of which has unique features and customization options to suit your preferences.  The three types that offer the chance for a tranquil cruising experience are the DT, DG & DGX.

The initial version, the Dialga DT, has a glossy appearance and a tiller propulsion mechanism. It offers an astonishing selection of 9 colour variations and can comfortably seat 6–8 persons in parallel. Crafted to perfection, our second variant the Dialga DG comes with an electric steering providing you with a convenient boating experience. With a stylish matte finish, it can accommodate 6-8 people, ensuring ample space for you and your guests to relish the utmost comfort and freedom. The third and most premium variant is the Dialga DGX, designed for the ultimate family cruising experience. It features front steering and a dashboard, offering enhanced control and navigation. The DGX model is highly customizable and boasts a unique tri-tone finish which adds to the elegance of the boat.

What truly sets The Dialga apart is its whisper-quiet operation, creating a serene atmosphere for nature enthusiasts and those seeking tranquillity at sea. The Dialga’s High-end model the DGX is powered by an advanced 8-kW outboard electric motor and supported by a 20 KWh LFP battery, The Dialga boasts efficient propulsion. It features a seamlessly integrated 1 kW solar panel for sustainable recharging during operations. In terms of performance, The Dialga is equally impressive. With a maximum speed of 9 Knots and an impressive range of 40 kilometres at a cruising speed of 4 knots, it offers both power and endurance. 

Dialga DT


Dialga DG


Dialga DGX


Battery Choices

Power your boat experience with your choice of battery: the DNV certified Manta, build for professional operations, or the Ray, designed for carefree leisure operations.


Manta LFP batteries packs are DNV approved, meeting stringent quality quality and safety standards. It is rated upto IP 67 standards.​


Ray is a safer LFP marine grade battery pack designed and built for leisure grade operations