Aquaphile is a solar-electric vessel that’s all about efficiency, economy, adaptability, and affordability. With a 4-kW motor, it cruises at a comfortable 5 knots and offers a 25-kilometre emission-free range for up to four passengers. It’s a straightforward and eco-friendly way to travel on waterways.

Aquaphile embodies innovation by seamlessly incorporating advanced technology while maintaining a deep respect for the environment. It’s designed for responsible exploration and a commitment to preserving our aquatic realms.

It’s a practical solution for sustainable water travel, making it accessible to a broader audience. So, consider Aquaphile for your water journeys, where practicality and sustainability come together to redefine eco-conscious mobility on the water.


Optional plug & charge
4 passengers
7.5 kWh
4.6 m long x 1.8 m wide
Max speed of 6 knots
Range 25 km
1 kWp
4 kW
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