Introducing Apollo, the revolutionary solar electric ferry that promises a divine experience and is set to revolutionize the way we travel on water. With its unique design and advanced technology, Apollo can comfortably accommodate up to 75 passengers. The ferry is also equipped with all the latest safety features, including life jackets and emergency systems, to ensure the safety and well-being of all passengers


Optional plug & charge
75 passengers
88 kWh
26.7 m long x 7 m wide
Max speed of 8 knots
Range 90 km
25 kWp
2 x 25 kW

Battery Choices

Power your boat experience with your choice of battery: the DNV certified Manta, build for professional operations, or the Ray, designed for carefree leisure operations.


Manta LFP batteries packs are DNV approved, meeting stringent quality quality and safety standards. It is rated upto IP 67 standards.​


Ray is a safer LFP marine grade battery pack designed and built for leisure grade operations