Introducing the “Bumble Bee.” Our vessels are at the forefront of defence and security, equipped with innovative features for patrolling and workboat purposes. Utilizing the power of solar, wind and electric technologies, the Bumble Bee operates with zero emissions, ensuring a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution, making it a top choice for defence and security missions. 

Our vessels run on solar electric and wind power, ensuring a sustainable and efficient operation. With a capacity for 12 passengers, they offer high-speed performance for swift and graceful expeditions. Not only does it reduce operational expenses, but it also demands less maintenance and has minimal fuel consumption. Experience the reliability and effectiveness of Bumble bee, a true asset for any defence or workboat mission. 


Optional plug & charge
12 passengers
2 x 340 hp
80 kWh
9m long x 4m wide
Max speed of 25 knots
Range 250km
2 kWp
2 x 8kW

Battery Choices

Power your boat experience with your choice of battery: the DNV certified Manta, build for professional operations, or the Ray, designed for carefree leisure operations.


Manta LFP batteries packs are DNV approved, meeting stringent quality quality and safety standards. It is rated upto IP 67 standards.​


Ray is a safer LFP marine grade battery pack designed and built for leisure grade operations