India’s First Solar Ferry gets its First Order – Story Behind India’s First Solar Ferry

After signing joint venture agreement Navgathi, AltEn and EVE Systems got to work. They had to create a design of the boat that would be more energy efficient that any of the existing boats and ferries. To do this they had to create a boat that was lighter but equally stronger and has a lesser drag on water. After two years of research and countless sleepless nights, finally designs and specifications of solar boat and ferries with different seating capacities. Starting from 30 passenger to 150 passenger, they could create a boat for every need.

Solar Boat Manufactured by NavAltSolar Boat manufactured by NavAlt running in Bhatinda.

Once the product design were ready, the real test had begun. NavAlt now had to find buyers for its solar boats. In a country that is obsessed with money, it was challenge to convince people that something that costs 50% more than conventional ferries would actually be cost effective on the longer run.

October of 2013 got good news for NavAlt. Kerala State Water Transportation Department in a progressive move, released a tender for purchase of 75 passenger solar ferry. NavAlt participated in the open  tender and it was the only firm with experience and technology to build large passenger solar ferry.


Rendered Design for India's First Solar Ferry
Rendered image of 75 Passenger Solar Ferry

By March, the work order was released in the name of NavAlt. They were assigned the task to provide Kerala government with India’s first solar ferry.