SCION – A Solarcar for everyone

Sono Motors, a German startup for self-charging electric car, SCION, that uses integrated solar panels to impart power throughout the day. Sono Motors’ Scion car is currently under prototyping phase which will include trial runs and crash testing. The first delivery of the finished vehicle is expected in 2018.

Solar powered electric car

The vehicle has two models, differentiated by range: “Urban”, perfect for for big cities has a range of 120 km on a single charge, and “Extender” which has a range of 250 km. The Urban is priced at $13,200, whereas the Extender is priced at $17,600. Though both the models share the same design and the basic features, the only difference is that Urban has a 14.4 kWh battery and Extender has a 30 kWh battery. Both the batteries has a fast charging time and can be charged with a household plug as well.

natural air filter

The interior of the Scion includes a unique moss which is integrated into the fan which serves as a natural air filter that will filter fine dust particles from  air. It doesn’t require any special upkeep as it draws water, that the moss requires to grow, from the surrounding air. It even helps absorbs the noise of nearby traffic to give a more relaxing ride.

The Scion has a capability to seat six people, with foldable back seats to create additional cargo space. There is a ten-inch center display which allows you to connect to any smartphone via Bluetooth or WiFi, allowing easy access to GPS, streaming music, and contacts.

The company ran a crowdfunding campaign which allowed interested customers to reserve full-day test drives and put down deposits on the cars, which helped the company raise $200,00. Even if you missed out on the campaign, you can still put down a refundable deposit for 500 Euros ($563) or place a pre-order for 2,000 Euros (around $2,251).