NavAlt builds electric boats and ferries powered by solar energy.

NavAlt is pioneering solar-powered mobility that is commercially viable.

NavAlt envisions a more efficient water transport system which doesn’t use fossil fuels. Our team of engineers have combined the advancements in Electric Vehicle technology, Naval architecture and Photovoltaics, to build electric boats and ferries which run on solar energy. We have been successful in sustainable innovation while ensuring better profitability. With our solar-electric boats and ferries, we don’t see any reason why the passenger water transport should run on diesel.

India's First Solar Ferry

India’s First Solar Ferry

Over the past two years, our engineers have worked tirelessly to make the idea of a large solar-powered boat a reality. Starting from scratch and over scores of iterations, not only have we succeeded in executing the idea, we have innovated ways to make solar-powered mobility economically viable.


Diesel Saved


CO2 emission reduced!


Saved because of our Solar Ferries

First Ferry was launched on 12th January 2017

First solar ferry service between
Vaikom and Thavanakadavu
was started on 12th January 2016 at 5 PM.

It was inaugarated By
Sri. Pinarayi Vijayan
Hon' Chief Minister Of kerala.

The Chief Guest was
Sri. Piyush Goyal
Hon' Minister For New & Renewable Energy

Benefits of a solar-electric ferry

Powered by sun

The photovoltaic modules on the roof of the 20m ferry will be sufficient to charge the batteries for 6-hour operation everyday. During the cloudy days of Kerala, the ferry service will still be operational with secondary charging available at the dock.

Long-term profitability

With negligible operational cost due to absence of fuel, India’s first solar ferry’s breakeven period is as low as breakeven period is as low as two years. After factoring MNRE subsidy the boat is break-even from day one.

Zero emissions

With our resolve to provide diesel-free water transportation, we have succeeded in building a ferry which cares for mother Nature. Negligible noise pollution is another benefit.

battery technology

Our ferry is powered by 50 kWh Lithium battery system, one of the largest of its kind in India.

marine design

With some of the best naval architects in the NavAlt team, we have designed the ferry to have lower drag and weight than conventional counterparts.

manufacturing practices

With a distributed manufacturing model, we are ready to deliver our solutions anywhere in the world.

42,000 L

/Year/Ferry Diesel Saved

112,140 Kg

Year/Ferry CO2 emission reduced

~₹ 29,00,000

Saved/Year By using Solar Ferry

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